Impressions of Oxford

Impressions of Oxford by Williams ’68 Wives June 2017

Webmaster’s note: Tom Pierce has served as editor of our Recent Events section since our site began. To capture the Oxford 2017 experience, he’s taken a new tack, giving voice to several classmates’ wives. Special thanks to the women whose reflections appear here. 

Talks and Tours of Oxford and Blenheim Palace
Diane Lord (Bob Lord)

From Oxford to the 50th Reunion—Rekindle Memories and Spark New Ones
Diana Budzanoski (Arthur Cambouris)

Spending a Day with Winston Churchill
Patti Dirlam (John Dirlam)

Wonder-full Woburn Abbey
Cindy Piper (Tad Piper)

Code-breaking at Bletchley Park and at the Macdonald Randolph Hotel
Kathy Sharp (Tom Ray)

Lecture, Church, Castle: Three Fascinating Keys to the English Civil War
Arleen Heiss (Bob Heiss)

From the English Civil War to Broughton Castle Civility
Mandy Stanton (Bob Stanton)

The Magic of Broughton Castle and the Class of 1968
Moira Dougherty (Kevin Dougherty)

Reflections on Broughton Castle
Debby Jones (Barton Jones)

Delightful Dining with Williams Oxford students and our Crew Team
Cathy Nicholson (Tom Nicholson)

’68 Cheerleaders Cheer the Williams Crew at Henley
Barbara Hamachek (Tod Hamachek)

50-Year Generation Non-gap: A ’68 Crew Bonds with Williams Crew Team
Sally Newhall (Dodger Newhall)

Raphael – The Old Master visits Old Oxford
Jenny Murray (John Murray)

Ashmolean Museum: From Rafael Drawings to Rooftop Dining
Cynthia Wood (Ned Perry)

Strolling in Stratford, Startled by Shakespeare
Diane Paolicelli (Steve Phillips)

Food: The Fuel that Kept Us Going
Diana Lambert (Charlie Lambert)

Oxford Odyssey on Our Own
Lu Ann Dillon (Tom Pierce)

Bringing Oxford Botanical Garden Memories Home
Barbara Hamachek (Tod Hamachek)

Gardening – The Best Medicine
Suzy Donavan (Mark Donavan)

Bye Bye at Balliol
Susan Untereker (Bill Untereker)

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