This web site is for the Class of 1968 of Williams College. Its purposes are to serve as a record of our collective past, to add to our common experience by adding new information, in particular photos, and to allow exchange between classmates. Even though our 50th Reunion grows further away in the rear view mirror, this site will continue to serve as a gathering place for our tribe.


The site is designed and maintained by the Williams 68 Web Team:

  • Alexander Caskey – webmaster
  • Bob Chambers – fellow technologist and Photoshop guru

Editorial board:

  • Bob Snyder
  • Ken Jackson
  • Clint Wilkins
  • Mike Herlihy
  • John Stickney

Leading up to our 50th Reunion, we were lucky to have contributions from:

  • Bob Cricenti – timeline specialist
  • Tom Pierce – events coverage and editing
  • John Dirlam – historian
  • Bob Heiss – historian, who took additional responsibility as Co-Editor of the site leading up to our 50th
  • Tod Hamachek – photographer, for lending his considerable talents to liven up these pages
  • Lloyd Thomas – who logged an amazing number of hours leading up to the 50th, doing a lot of a little bit of everything, including rolling up his sleeves and gaining proficiency with the technical underpinnings of the site

We continue to benefit from the able assistance of Williams staff:

  • Laura Zepka – Archives Assistant
  • Jessika Drmacich – Records Manager & Digital Resources Archivist
  • Teresa Waryjasz – Production Manager
  • Ashley Weeks Cart ’05, – Deputy Director of Alumni Relations, our liaison to the Alumni Office

For their past contributions and assistance we are grateful to: Mark Robertson – Director of the 50th Reunion Program

    • Chris Robare – former Associate Director of the 50th Reunion Program
    • Katie Nash – former College Archivist & Special Collections Librarian
    • Darlene Alderman – 50th Reunion Program Assistant

  • Linda Hall – former Archivist
  • Mike Reopell – AIS Director
  • Carl Strolle – Director of Web Strategy at Williams

We owe much of the new (2020) Williams 68 appearance to:

  • Kate Krolicki ’95 – web designer & developer. Kate, with her remarkable combination of technical and artistic talents, has been the the driving force that enabled us to create the site you now see.
  • Kate Abbott ’00 – writer & journalist. Kate writes and runs BTW Berkshires – a digital guide for Western Massachusetts. You can go there to read stories about the Berkshires, especially the arts, and see what’s going on locally in the events calendar. Kate Abbott has graciously allowed us to extend and adapt her work.

We hope you will enjoy our new website.

P.S.: We’ve become big fans of and subscribers to the BTW Berkshires site. Both the writing and images are a pure delight. We hope that you visit the site often, especially if you are planning a return trip to Williamstown and environs.

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