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John Frankenheimer ’51 – An Appreciation

We are at the top of the generational cohort of the Baby Boom. We have lived lives that were coexistent with the Cold War. Our political outlook during our adolescence—before we matriculated at Williams—was shaped by the tumultuous Kennedy administration years


Zoom in? (or Zoomed out?)

Let’s Zoom again like we did last summer/yesterday/last week?  Ummm, Zoom is now a verb, more frequently heard these days than zerox or google, and no longer needs capitalization (“Thank you so much for the zoom info and the questions.”).There are many other Zooms (the PBS Show, and from that Zoomers, Zoom-aholic, Zoomerang, the lens […]


Doris deKeyserlingk

During my junior year, I took a German course in Goodrich Hall. I would often arrive early to stand outside the classroom, where Professor Doris deKeyserlingk was teaching another course in German. I was fascinated by her deep, rich voice and her amazing articulateness. Add to that my awareness that she had fled Russia in […]