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The Bards of Brooks House

John Fulkerson and Ted McMahon, both former residents of Brooks House, joined forces to to send us each three of their favorite poems.

We’ve published Ted’s work here before, but this is the first time we’ve heard from John.


The Return of the Quiz Kids

This is good mental exercise, as it turns out, and adds to that vital cognitive reserve.

Here are the latest teasers from the team of Steinberg, Heiss, and Caskey:


What can we be thankful for?

In Wim Wenders’s award winning 1987 film Wings of Desire (Himmel über Berlin), renowned actor Bruno Ganz plays an angel who sheds his wings and joins the seething mass of humanity in troubled pre-1989 Berlin. He’s fallen in love with the lovely Solveig Dommartin, who plays a trapeze artist. Before he takes that step, however, […]