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Our New Website

We’re still here, with lots more to come. Our new site has been redesigned from the ground up, with emphasis on visual presentation. You’ll see a lot more photography, and a brighter, cleaner look. With the visual makeover comes a new focus: we are now offering in depth articles and reports, featuring contributions from classmates […]


An Interview with Clint Wilkins and Mike Herlihy

When your life is going really well, why would you want to change it? What have you got left to prove? Why risk destroying the upward arc of a successful career by taking on a challenging, new job in a different part of the country….or the world? Our classmates Clint Wilkins and Mike Herlihy each […]


Henry Hecht speaks at September mini-reunion

Watergate: Lessons for Current Times with Henry Hecht ’68 Professor Henry Hecht of UC Berkeley, School of Law, served as an Assistant Watergate Special Prosecutor from the inception of the office in the spring of 1973–through the Saturday Night Massacre and the firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox–until the spring of 1976. In his mid-morning […]


July 28, 2019 at the Williamstown Theater Festival

’68 Classmates Approach Grand Horizons

No, not those grand horizons. On July 28, a hearty healthy band of ’68 brothers and sisters experienced Grand Horizons, Bess Wohl’s new play at WTF. No, not that WTF. Everyone raved about Williamstown Theatre Festival’s stunning and startling world premiere.Bill and Nancy, happily married for fifty years, have settled comfortably into their Grand Horizons independent-living condo.