3 thoughts on “At Williams

  1. I would love to see a picture of Tom Stevens. His address at Commencement is still in my memory while those of Reston and others have long faded.

    1. Thanks, Doug. Many of us miss Tom, myself included (he was my roommate for 3 years). We tried to get an archival copy of his address and a picture of him at the podium last year but haven’t been able to unearth anything yet. We will keep trying.

  2. Amen to that! I recall “…yet we cannot forget that for us this is also an ending…” and went on to describe many of the moments that we may remember. Autumn sun of Weston Field, chats with faculty in Baxter Hall snack bar…
    It was spoken from the heart and I would love to see those words again. Memory gets a bit fuzzy after 50 years. We were privileged to have heard it.
    Glenn Everhart

  3. Do you have a photo of Paul Richard Muniz?
    I died in 2011.
    His family would love so much to see a photo of him in college.
    Thank you

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