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Class Notes from 1968-2012 for the Class of 1968

Editor’s note: the links you see below will open a year’s worth of 1968 class notes at a time.  The earlier years tend to have more content; as you’ll see, we were a prolific lot back then. Please be aware also that these are scanned images, painstakingly provided by the college archive department, and taken from back issues of the Alumni Magazine. Not all are in perfect shape, but they’re all we have. From 2013 onward, our class notes have been kept online, so we haven’t reproduced them here. Here’s how to access those. We thank Katie Nash and Laura Zepka for their cheerfulness and dedication in providing these materials. We’d be nowhere without them. Very special thanks to Lloyd Thomas for preparing virtually this entire collection for the website.

ps we’ve found in preparing these for publication here that they’re a bit like Lay’s Potato Chips, you can’t eat just one. Great way to catch up on your classmates activities, whether you’re reunion-bound or not.



Ali v Frazier, Thrilla from Manila October 1975


Atari — yours or your kid’s?


Nelson Mandela freed Feb 11, 1990

The Aughts

Barack Obama wins the 2008 election, becoming the first African-American President

The Tens

Women’s march on Washington Jan 21 2017