We cast a backward glance at our experience at Williams and gratefully acknowledge those who taught us so well. Enjoy some quick looks at the history of Williams and a time lapse view of our four years there.

Faculty Tributes

Looking back, most of us can summon up recollections of the superb education we received at Williams. In fact, it is probably easier now to appreciate the quality of the Williams faculty than when we were students. We were taught by men and women of the highest caliber. Here we pay tribute, each remembrance volunteered and authored by a classmate or classmates.


Williams History

“For myself, although I pretend to no peculiar sensitiveness of organization or feeling, Williams College has had a strong hold on my affections ever since I left her halls, nearly half a century ago.” – Emory Washburn, 22nd Governor of Massachusetts, Harvard Law School professor, and Williams College student in his introduction to Rev. Calvin […]