Williams 68 in Oxford – 2017 Moira Dougherty (Kevin Dougherty)

The Magic of Broughton Castle and the Class of 1968

It was wonderful to reconnect with so many of the Class of 68 family.  I have always felt that this group is especially “tight”. I know that Kevin did too.  All of you made it very easy for me to make the trip.

I think my favorite place was Broughton Castle.  There was something about it that just struck me.  More than it’s age, Civil War connection and gardens, the “homeyness” hooked me.

The guide made a point of telling us that all the rooms are used when there are guests. (Very unlike Woburn Abbey.) That some of these very old rooms had current pieces of furniture, including a very modern bed that the Duchess had commissioned, highlighted that the castle is still a home. I could see myself in the great hall on the broken in couch reading.

This really was a magical trip.  The places and especially the company.

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