Williams 68 in Oxford 2017 – Cathy Nicholson (Tom Nicholson)

John Murray and Susan Donavan chat with Williams crew member at the Randolph Hotel
Cathy Nicholson

Delightful Dining with Williams Oxford students and our Crew Team

A highlight for me was meeting the Williams-Oxford students and the Williams male crew as well as their interim coach Ed Slater whom I sat beside at the Randolph dinner. The students had had a very demanding, stimulating tutorial schedule but were also involved in many university activities like stand-up comedy and club sports such as tennis, which broadened their experience and friendships. Their focus, maturity, confidence and gratitude were impressive!

The crew in their sporty purple and gold jackets were so excited (and anxious!) to be rowing in the time trials at Henley. Coach Slater’s enthusiasm for the boys and their exciting rowing opportunity was a good omen and his calm and capable leadership bodes well for a much desired permanent coaching position at Williams. I felt very proud of the current, accomplished representatives of dear old Williams.

Another highlight for me was knowing your wonderful classmates better, some for the first time. The opportunities to expand and solidify friendships were numerous as we enjoyed the many activities or free time offered. And the bonus was confirming what wonderful spouses you married! What interesting, dynamic and caring women they are.

And of course we all marveled at Oppy’s pluck and ability to maneuver with his cane the many physical challenges of the trip! What an inspiring and dear guy whom I had not known well before this trip.

 Editor’s Note: Tom Nicholson, a member of the Williams Crew Team during our years, was a keynote speaker at the dinner. Tom spearheaded the impromptu trip to the Henley. He added this insight to Cathy’s description:

The Henley Qualifying Race was a highlight of the Oxtravaganza for me and my fellow classmates who attended.  All 14 members of the Williams 8 and the Williams 4 came up to us after their races to thank each of us for our support in being there to cheer them on.  When asked, “Could you hear us?”  they answered, “You bet. We knew you were there for us.”  So impressed with the politeness and maturity of these young Ephs.

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