Williams 68 in Oxford June 2017 – Diane Lord (Bob Lord)

Talks and Tours of Oxford and Blenheim Palace

Brian Murray, tour guide

In one word, the Oxford trip was “Fantastic.” Sharing it with such fun and interesting people was the absolute best, and getting to know some of Rob’s classmates this way was just perfect. As to the brains behind the event, it could not possibly have been better organized.

Personally one favorite part for me was the tour of Oxford with the accompanying lecture by Gretchen Long and Jonathan Herring. Gretchen and Jonathan were such knowledgeable and dynamic teachers. How lucky and fortunate the Williams undergrads are to have the opportunity to include Oxford in their education experience.

Having the talk before the tour and then again as we walked through the town provided a clear understanding of the buildings and sights of this historic and important educational gem. I loved looking at the beautiful buildings, imagining their history and their contribution to our culture.

I also thought the visit to the Blenheim Palace was gorgeous and very educational. Who would imagine a queen giving such extravagance in return for a military victory?  How cool is that!!  I had a great day, particularly walking around the lovely grounds.

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