Williams 68 in Oxford 2017 – Sally Newhall (Dodger Newhall)

Williams crew at the Henley Royal Regatta50-Year Generation Non-gap: A ’68 Crew Bonds with Williams Crew Team

My favorite event at Oxford was a spontaneous trip to the Henley Royal Regatta qualifying time trials held on the Thames. Williams had a 4-man crew and an 8-man crew racing. We cheered them on and saw some quality racing in a very picturesque setting. The 8 did qualify, very exciting. Such nice young men and a delightful coach. They were surprised and very appreciative of the alumni support.

The Williams staff put together our small group’s last-minute request with enthusiasm and humor. The palaces, churches, museums will be there for the ages, but this was a once in a lifetime for me – perfect!

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