Williams 68 in Oxford 2017 – Cindy Piper (Tad Piper)

Wonder-full Woburn Abbey

Meeting the Dowager Duchess of Bedford in her garden was the highlight of my visit to Woburn Abbey. Then I bought the Woburn Abbey book and learned a whole lot more.  The structure dates back to 1145 when Hugh de Bolebec founded the Abbey with monks from Fountains Abbey. It was later transferred to John Russell in 1547 by Henry the 8th. Over the years the family has acquired massive artwork and the walls are dripping with dukes, duchesses, children, aunts, uncles etc. The lineage fills four pages in the book.

The grounds are elegant and impeccably maintained including the entrance where you see the herds of red deer with the does and fawns in one area and the bucks in another spot, all resting under beautiful old trees.

And I only wish that I could have attended the past concerts held there with artists such as Neil Diamond, Tina Turner, Dire Straits, Elton John, Michael Ball and others.

What an incredible experience. I am still pinching myself at having been there last week.

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