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3 thoughts on “Crossing the Border: The Williams-Bennington Experience in late 60s

  1. Totally agree–outstanding. Which of you contributed “scotumtightening sea”? Congratulations on that. And I certainly remember the stolid gentlemen who manned the guardhouse, one of whom whistled us down after Wally Pugh had signed in as José Valdivielso, a former Minnesota Twin, shouting, “All right, wise guys, get back here; which one of you signed in as William Williams of Williams?” The Carriage Barn hosted the Living Theater, who had us all get naked for “Paradise Now.” And the Velvet Underground, with their strobe lights and bull whips. I remember the campus erupting when LBJ announced he wouldn’t run.

  2. I remember the time well…Wood House, Tom Stevens, “The Madwoman of Chaillot”, Odd Job the dog, etc.
    Lavinia Hall, Bennington’70
    Lavhall @laviniahall.com

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