The Bards of Brooks House

John Fulkerson and Ted McMahon, both former residents of Brooks House, joined forces to to send us each three of their favorite poems.

We’ve published Ted’s work here before, but this is the first time we’ve heard from John.

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The Quizmasters Return

All who attended our 50th reunion remember the exquisite torture that Dr. Howard Steinberg and his accomplice our class president Bob Heiss put us through at our final dinner. Trivia at its finest, followed by music from the era. They are back now with a new batch of headscratchers, perfect fare for an evening, take […]

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Zoom in? (or Zoomed out?)

Let’s Zoom again like we did last summer/yesterday/last week?  Ummm, Zoom is now a verb, more frequently heard these days than zerox or google, and no longer needs capitalization (“Thank you so much for the zoom info and the questions.”).There are many other Zooms (the PBS Show, and from that Zoomers, Zoom-aholic, Zoomerang, the lens […]

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