Make way for the Quiz Kids

From the team of Steinberg, Heiss, Whitman, Caskey (with Steals and Nosh)
Your mission if you should chose to accept it:
Match the moniker to the singer:

1. The Fat Mana) Fats Domino
2. The Voiceb) Cher
3. Slowhandc) Whitney Houston
4. The Geniusd) Ray Charles
5. The Killere) Frank Sinatra
6. Little Miss Dynamitef) Johnny Cash
7. Chairman of the Boardg) Eric Clapton
8. The Fab Fourh) Jerry Butler
9. The Queen of Souli) Louis Armstrong
10. The Bossj) Brenda Lee
11. The Icemank) Ella Fitzgerald
12. Godfather of Soull) James Brown
13. The Man in Blackm) The Beatles
14. Satchmon) Jerry Lee Lewis
15.First Lady of Songo) Loretta Lynn
16. The Coal Miner's Daughterp) Jim Morrison
17. The Lizard Kingq) Aretha Franklin
18. The Kingr) Elvis Presley
19. Goddess of Pops) Jackie Wilson
20. Mr. Excitementt) Bruce Springsteen

Answers below ↓


1, a
2, c
3, g
4, d
5, n
6, j
7, e
8, m
9, q
10, t
11, h
12, l
13, f
14, i
15, k
16, o
17, p
18, r
19, b
20, s

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