Trivia 2002 Answers


In grey: Whit
In blue: Alexander
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Readers: watch for typos, misspellings, incorrect answers, and impossibly esoteric items.

Fill in the blanks with the name of the appropriate group. Example: Dianna Ross and the Supremes
1. Buddy Holly and the _________ Crickets
2. Dion and the _________ Belmonts
3. Junior Walker and the _________ Allstars
4. Jay and the _________ Americans
5. Cannibal and the _________ Headhunters
6. Sam the Sham and the _________ Pharaohs
7. Little Anthony and the _________ Imperials
8. Dick Dale and the _________ Deltones
9. Joey Dee and the _________ Starlighters
10. James Brown and the _________ Fabulous Flames
11. Mitch Ryder and the _________ Detroit Wheels
12. Booker T and the _________ MGs
Which stands for? ______ Memphis Group
13. Buddy Knox and the _________ Rhythm Orchids
14. David Seville and the _________ Chipmunks
15. Bill Haley and the _________ Comets
Playing what movie soundtrack? _________ The Blackboard Jungle
16. Gene Vincent and the _________ Blue Caps
17. Danny and the _________ Juniors
18. Smokey and the _________ Miracles
Smokey’s name? William Robinson Jr.
19. Frakie Lymon and the _________ Teenagers
20. Ruby and the _________ Romantics
21. Elvis Presley and the _________ Jordanaires
22. Hughy “Piano” Smith and the _________ Clowns
23. Little Joe and the _________ Thrillers
24. Ike and Tina Turner and the _________ Ikettes
25. Duane Eddy and the ________ Rebels

nn. Dicky Doo and the ________ Don’ts
nn. Question Mark and the _____ Mysterians
nn. Frankie Valli and the _____ Four Tops

27. A Rose and a____________ Babe Ruth
Sung by ___________ George Hamilton IV
28. A White Sport Coat and a____________ Pink Carnation
Sung by ___________ Marty Robbins
29. Black Denim Trousers and____________ Motorcyle Boots
Sung by ___________ The Cheers
30. Blue Suede Shoes was sung by _________ Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley
and __________
31. _______________ made a hit of the famous question Andy Williams
Are You Sincere
32. What were the highschool subjects that Chuck Berry was studying hard and hoping to pass in his hit School Days?
________ and ________ and ________ American History and Practical Math — give yourself a bonus if you actually took Practical Math
33.I walk the line was recorded in the early part of _____________ long career. Johnny Cash’s
34. In his hit, All Shook Up Elvis said he was itching like a man on a __________. fuzzy tree
35. Who sang Ahab the Arab? ____________________________. Ray Stevens, Clyde
36. Who sang Summertime Blues? (not Blue Cheer) _________________________________. Eddie Cochran

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37. Who sang Blueberry Hill? ____________________ Fats Domino
38. Where did Don, Phil, and Susie fall asleep in Wake Up Little Susie? ________________ at the movies
39. ____________ and Lee sang Let the Good Times Roll. Shirley
40. A plane crash in 1959 claimed the lives of _________, __________, and The __________ . Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper
41. Who sang his hits at the of his family’s TV show, while Mom and Dad, beaming with pride, chaperoned the school dance?
______________. Ricky Nelson
42. Who made white bucks famous? __________ Pat Boone (5 points if you actually wore white bucks, 5 more if you still wear them)
43. Patience and _______ sang Tonight You Belong To Me. __________________ Prudence
44. The ____________ sang The Great Pretender. Platters
45. LaVern Baker had a hit about a guy who always came to the rescue. He was _____________. Jim Dandy
46. In which Coaster’s song did they tell their hoodlum friends outside that they ain’t got time to take a ride? __________ Yakety Yak
47. Who sang Sh-boom? __________ The Crewcuts. 10 extra points if you put down The Chords
48. The Clovers sang Devil or ______. Angel
49. Which movie starried Jayne Mansfield and had its title song sung by Little Richard? _____________________. The Girl Can’t Help It
50. Who sang songs about his two girlfriends,Bony Maronie and Short Fat Fanny? _____________. Larry Williams
51. There were four big records with the word ‘dog’ in the title:
________ Dog by ______________. Hound Dog by Elvis Presley
________ Dog by ______________. Bird Dog by the Everly Brothers
Doggin’ __________ by _____________. Doggin’ Round by Jackie Wilson
_______ Dog ________ by ____________. Hound Dog Man by Fabian.
52. The Penguins had a great R&B hit in 1955 called ___________. Earth Angel
53. Dee Dee Dinah started the career of _____________. Frankie Avalon
54. Diana started the career of ____________. Paul Anka
55. Young Love was recorded by Marty Robbins and ____________. Tab Hunter
56. Who became famous for throwing around his pelvis (and his upper lip)? ___________. Elvis Presley. Subtract 10 points if you missed this one.
57. The Hollywood Argyles had a hit with ___________. Ally Oop.
58. Gene Chandler told his girl that she would be his Dutchess in __________. Duke of Earl
59. Which group had a hit record forever identified with the stroll (dance)? _________. The Diamonds
60. Which group extolled the virtues of short shorts? _________. The Royal Teens

Ladies only (courtesy of Bill “Whit” Whitman)
nn. Gladys Knight and the ________ Pips
nn. Martha and the ________ Vandellas
nn. Sharon Jones and the ________ Dap Kings
nn. Patty LaBelle and the ________ Bluebelles

Are there more “girl groups” with NAME and the ______??

More recent:
nn. Derek and the ________ Dominoes
nn  ________ and the Shondells Tommy James
nn Bob Seger and the ________ Silver Bullet Band
nn. ________ and the Raiders Paul Revere
nn ________ and the Family Stone Sly
nn. ________ and the Pacemakers Gerry
nn. ________ and the Animals Eric Burdon
nn. ________ and the Wailers Bob Marley
nn. ________ and the Banshees Siouxsie
nn. ________ and the Bad Seeds Nick Cave

nn. ________ and the Pretenders Chrissie Hynde
nn. The Traveling ________. Wilburys
nn Wayne Fontana and the ________ Mindbenders
nn ________ and the E Street Band Bruce Springsteen
nn. Tom Petty and the ________. Heartbreakers
nn ________ and the Wailers Bob Marley
nn _____ and the Bunnymen Echo
nn ________ and the Mothers of Invention Frank Zappa
nn Elvis Costello and the ________ Attractions

Name the lead singer of the following groups:

nn. The Eurythmics: ________ Annie Lenox
nn. The Youngbloods: ________ Jesse Colin Young
n. Classics IV: ________ Dennnis Yost
nn. Blood Sweat and Tears: ________ David Clayton-Thomas
nn. The Platters (Tony Williams, there were several others, he was the big one)
nn Four Tops: ________ Frankie Valli
nn Led Zeppelin: ________ Robert Plant
nn The Who: ________ Roger Daltry
nn Queen: ________ Freddie Mercury
nn The Doors ______ Jim Morrison (subtract 10 points if you can’t get this one!)

Scoring: (this applies to the first 60, more or less)
1 point for each correct answer and correctly filled blank.
Minus 10-5 — Terrible! Where were you?
6-25 OK
26-50 Good
51-80 Very Good
81-100 Fantastic