Trivia teaser

There will be trivia!

Paraphrasing filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, there will be trivia, a lot more, focused on music of our era, at our 55th. Steinberg and Heiss in charge. In the meantime, consider this a warmup exercise, with focus largely on the later Sixties and beyond.

Start your engines…

1. Which famous and highly decorated contemporary artist mentions all these place names in his body of work:
Names: Memphis, Delacroix, Mississippi, Durango, New York City

A: Bob Dylan

Extra credit: identify the song for each place name:
Memphis: Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again (Blonde on Blonde)
Delacroix: Tangled up in Blue (Blood on the Tracks)
Mississippi: Mississippi (Time Out of Mind)
Durango: Romance in Durango (Desire)
New York City: Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Highway 61 Revisited)

2. Which early Beatles hit came from a well known American musical?
A. Till there was you (The Music Man)

3. Name the lead singer of each band
a. U2: ________
b. Dire Straits: ________
c. The Eurythmics: ________
d. The Kinks: _________
e. The Youngbloods: ________
f. Big Brother and the Holding Company____
g. The Police: ________
h. Classics IV: ________
i. Blood Sweat and Tears: ________
j. Led Zeppelin: ________
k. The Who: ________
l. Queen: ________
m. The Doors ______ (subtract 10 points if you can’t get this one!)
n. Crosby, Stills and Nash _________

a Bono, b. Mark Knopfler c. Annie Lennox, d. Ray Davies, e. Jesse Colin Young (who performed at Williams in 1967), f. Janis Joplin, g. Sting, h. Dennis Yost, i. David Clayton-Thomas, j. Robert Plant, k: Roger Daltrey, l. Freddy Mercury, m. Jim Morrison, n. your choice!

4. Which 1966 graduate of Williams went on to have remarkable career as a singer songwriter? (Hint: Brand New Tennessee Waltz)
A. Jesse (Jim) Winchester

5. Which of these bands did NOT play at Woodstock:
Grateful Dead, Canned Heat, Crosby Stills and Nash, the Who, Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Mothers of Invention
A. The Mothers of Invention

6. Complete the names of the following bands:

a. Derek and the ______
b, ______ and the Shondells
c.______ and the Raiders
d. ______ and the Pacemakers
e. Eric Burden and the ______
f. ______ and the Wailers
g. The Traveling _______
h. Elvis Costello and the _____
i. _____ and the Pretenders

a. Derek and the Dominoes, Tommy James and the Shondells, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Eric Burden and the Animals, Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Traveling Wilburys, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders

7. What was the one thing you could never do at the Hotel California?

A. Leave

8. Which Andy Warhol promoted band performed at Williams during Winter Carnival in February 1967, later going on to international fame?

A. The Velvet Underground (sorry, Nico didn’t show)

9. Which nationally known blues band from Chicago was scheduled to play at Williams but canceled during the same weekend? Which band came to save the day?

a. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
b. Muddy Waters

10. (extra credit) What do Bing Crosby, The Ventures (Walk don’t run), and the Fabulous Wailers have in common?

A. All are from Tacoma, Washington.

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