Announcing our 55th Reunion

Above: photos of Tyler House and Tyler House Annex

Here’s the latest on our 55th, echoing earlier email from Bob Heiss:

Our 55th Class Reunion site at Tyler House/Annex, at 183 Park Street (photos and descriptions below), brings real momentum to our future get-together on campus. So we’re off and running.

The trend-setting Class of ’68 has again made Williams history! We are pleased to let you know that our 55th Class Reunion Headquarters for June 8-11, 2023, will be Tyler House and Tyler House Annex (the former Psi U House). Previous 55th reunion classes were required to blend in with all the other “Greylocks” classes at Dodd House. We succeeded in persuading the college that ’68 was much younger than those other classes. Now let’s hope we will come in droves to party.

We are fortunate to have a number of volunteers already who will coordinate class outreach, the discussion sessions, spouse/partner interests, music over the course of the weekend, and the golf tournament. But we need additional volunteers for other important areas of responsibility. So let Bob Heiss know (at as soon as possible of your willingness to work on our 55th Reunion Committee. You will make this weekend event a success!

With our class spirit, we can easily draw a crowd of more than 100 people, surpassing the 55th reunion attendance records of earlier classes for classmates and spouses/partners. It will be a great opportunity for our class, now in our mid-seventies and still going strong, to get together again. This time we will not be on Zoom, but actually in person!

Meanwhile, please continue to enjoy and participate in our Zoom 68 series as they are announced. And don’t forget to check out our class website for timely information and features. The 68 Web Team will send email alerts at regular intervals when new material appears.




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