50th Reunion: Trivia Contest

Editor’s Note: to remind classmates of frantic late night study sessions back in the 60s and to help them renew friendships while waiting for dinner on Saturday night at our 50th, Howard Steinberg and Bob Heiss created a challenging seventeen question Trivia Quiz that tables of eight worked on collaboratively. Relive the contest and test your memory…

TRIVIA CONTEST QUESTIONS — No Googling allowed!! —

1) Which iconic 1967 movie garnered Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress but failed to to win any of these awards? [HINT: The movie included a song which made #1 on the Billboard charts, and later received a Grammy for Record Of The Year].

2) Rank the following women’s colleges by proximity to Williamstown (nearest to farthest):

Bennington, Green Mtn. Jr. College, Mount Holyoke, Skidmore, Smith, Vassar

EXTRA CREDIT:  Name “dive bars” near these colleges

3) Did the Class of ’68 have more Gargoyles, more Gurgles, or an equal #

4a) Which ONE of the following artists/groups is NOT associated with Motown:
Mary Wells, Wilson Pickett, Contours, Jr. Walker & the All Stars, Jackson Five

4b) Which ONE of the following groups is NOT associated with the British Invasion:
Animals, Byrds, Hollies, Kinks, Swinging Blue Jeans, Zombies

EXTRA CREDIT: What occurred musically on the third of June

5)   Match the “sidekick” with the main character from these TV Westerns:

a) Pat Brady1) Hopalong Cassidy
b) Chester2) Cisco Kid
c) Barney Fife3) Marshall Matt Dillon
d) “Gabby” Hayes4) Wild Bill Hickok
e) “Jingles” [Andy Devine]5) Roy Rogers
f) Pancho6) Sheriff Andy Taylor

a. What was the name of Pat Brady’s vehicle?
b. Who was the third “Maverick” character (cousin of brothers Bret and Bart)?
c. Which subsequently famous movie star played him?

6) List the following freshman dorms by age (oldest to newest):
Lehman, Morgan, Sage, Williams

7) How many of the Ivy League schools were founded AFTER Williams? Name them.

8) One US-USSR Summit was held during our Williams years, in June 1967 between President Lyndon Johnson and Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin.
It was also the only Summit ever held on a college campus.  Name the site.

9) Which ONE of the celebrities in the following categories was NOT born in 1946

  1. POLITICS: Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Jeff Sessions, Bill Clinton
  2. SPORTS: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Reggie Jackson, “Mean” Joe Greene, Rollie Fingers
  3. ENTERTAINMENT: Liza Minnelli, Stephen Spielberg, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn
  4. MUSIC: Cher, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Linda Ronstadt

10) What is the official name of the President’s House on the Williams campus?

11) Name two interdisciplinary majors offered during our time at Williams.

12) Match car model with manufacturer:

a) Belvedere + Fury1) Buick
b) Comet + Marquis2) Cadillac
c) Cutlass + Delta 883) Chevrolet
d) Fairlane + Falcon4) Chrysler
e) Imperial + New Yorker5) Dodge
f) Le Mans + Bonneville6) Ford
7) Lincoln
8) Mercury
9) Oldsmobile
10) Plymouth
11) Pontiac

EXTRA CREDIT:  Who produced the Avanti?

13) What was the prep school/public school ratio of our entering class in Fall ‘64?

  1. 54% public / 46% prep
  2. 51% prep / 49% public
  3. 61% public / 39% prep
  4. 57% prep / 43% public

14) During the 1964-68 window, three of the four major pro leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) had a 3-time champion.  Which pro league did NOT have one?

15) Name the LOSING Presidential candidate in the following elections:
1956, 1960, 1964 and 1968

16) Name as many Williams athletic venues (past and present) named after our coaches as you can [We came up with six]
EXTRA CREDIT:  Fall ’67 finally saw Williams defeat Amherst in football.  But it was not a perfect season.  What was the “blemish” on the season, and who was it against?

17) What were the names of the Spring Street businesses that provided the following:

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Clothing
  3. Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Interested in the answers to any of these? Fill out the contact form below and we’ll email the cheat sheet.

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