The Return of the Quiz Kids

This is good mental exercise, as it turns out, and adds to that vital cognitive reserve.
Here are the latest teasers from the team of Steinberg, Heiss, and Caskey:

Q. By the river neath the shady trees..
Which sports legend made those words famous?

1. Knute Rockne
2. Bill Mazeroski
3. Bobby Hull
4. Roosevelt Grier
5. Wilt Chamberlain

A. Look (and listen) here for the answer.

Q: What was the name of the third Maverick brother, and which future star actor played him?

A: Beau, played by (future James Bond) Roger Moore. BTW, Sean Connery (the first James Bond) was rumored to have been offered the role, but turned it down.

Q: When was the last radio broadcast of the Lone Ranger?

A: May 27, 1955. Listen to it here

Extra credit:

Q: How old were you when you learned the Lone Ranger theme, and how much older than that were you when you learned it was the William Tell Overture?

A: varies…

Q: Early R&R had its share of “teen tragedy” songs. What was the mode of death in the following songs:  Teen Angel, Running Bear, Tell Laura I Love Her, Ebony Eyes, and Leader Of The Pack?

A: Train collision (Teen Angel), Drowning (Running Bear), Car Crash (Tell Laura I Love Her), Plane Crash (Ebony Eyes), Motorcycle Crash (Leader Of The Pack)

Q: It’s high time, gentlemen…
Here’s a mix-and-match set dealing with the element of time, or the time of day..

NOTE: One song has two “correct” artists, the songwriter and the recording artist, both of whom released versions of the song in the same year.

1. Time is on my side a) The Lovin' Spoonful
2. Time won't let meb) Elvis Presley
3. Does anybody really know what time it is?c) The Platters
4. It's too lated) Jim Croce
5. When will I be loved?e) Judy Collins
6. It's now or neverf) Gordon Lightfoot
7. In the midnight hourg) The Doors
8. Six o'clockh) The Rolling Stones
9. Early Morning Raini) Carole King
10. Chelsea Morningj) Chicago
11. Five o'clock worldk) Glenn Campbell
12. Twilight timel) The Everly Brothers
13. Time in a bottlem) Wilson Pickett
14. Love me two timesn) The Outsiders
15.By the time I get to Phoenixo) Joni Mitchell
p) The Vogues


10-o,e (extra credit if you mentally added Ian & Sylvia)

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