Yani (John) Counelis: Poetry

Mama… look at Hell – as
she devours her children.
My child, it’s not Hellas
who’s the murderess of her young.

The only sin of our mother
is that she cast another
obstacle for every goal we had
small, large or conditional
glorious, mundane or delusional.
Perhaps it’s an ongoing farce
dealing with a devil falsely constitutional,
a Peloponnesian War
going on ad on
one that started two and a half millinia ago
ending before two thousand years and four hundred twenty one,
as the war of Greek Independence started in eighteen twenty one.

Mama… look at Hellas
a historically false hell, as
she hides her abundant years
claiming that an absent father brought her tears.

Courage Greek youth
the hyenas are all around us
hungry, for there is no time to discuss
in calm sun drenched beaches
where on going civil war fails to teach us
– -there is nothing Civil about War-
– how Sirens slyly sing lies about the Isle of Delos
– where Athenians dealt a death blow to fair Melos
– by slaughtering everyone who didn’t buy Imperial Hamburgers
– as ill- educated tutors continued to instruct
– autistic children how to graduate to Aspergers.

Everything for Hellas!
What we keep close to our hearts
-four high tech stents to open up the blockage-
which can’t explain the heartburn
nor the deep seated pain in our gut
as gifted unemployed youth
leave for foreign lands
obstetricians and neurosurgeons
ready babies or miracles to deliver,
innovative scientist chefs,
and talented jewelers working with oxidized silver.

So the single ray of hope
comes in cultivating and consuming legalized prime dope
from the very crafty people who must endure while stoned
the current psychological depression for two generations.
Thus the expected abundant monetary circulation
will revive the ailing economy
as all economies
turn around
in a united
Speaking again of medical or recreational dope
let’s keep our high hope
that there will not
lurk another

The reasonably reasoning amongst us remaining Athenians
descending from the traditional archenemies of Peloponesians
we know the generations no longer to be biblical
reproducing every thirty three years
-Issac begat Jacob…etcbut
culturally turning
every ten.
So we have reason to stay put and take it like good men and women that we are
for only fifteen to twenty seasons
so that our many adopted
will deal with pioneering concepts
awarding the Renovated Mother Hellas
with a vast army of active exploring youth
composed of physicians, theoreticians, dietitians,
psychiatrists, podiatrists,
jewelers and art dealers
who will rule in the re- scheduled, semi-united Europe
of the Middle Aged New Age.

Post Earthquake, Yani Counelis, Florence Massachussetts, July 21 2017.

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