Things got going quickly on Friday, as over 100 of us assembled at the Center for Development Economics to celebrate our 55th reunion.

Golf: Hole in one! The deft touch of Mark Donavan (Video)

Mark’s star must be shining brightly. In two days, he hits a hole in one and then wins a landslide victory as class president. Note that this video got 2,764 hits within the first hour, far outstripping any other in the ’68 YouTube channel.

Ephraim Williams Society Breakfast

Lowell Davis Pick-up Pickleball Academy 101 (indoor) Photos and Videos

The Class of 1968 in the vanguard once again with their own Pickleball Academy, headed by Lowell Davis

Video: Coach Lowell demonstrates the smash in pickleball.

Madmen (and Women) Early TV Trivia Challenge with Bob Heiss

Ready? You can take Bob’s final exam all over again.

Williams College Museum of Art Tour

Many thanks to Pam Franks (shown below) and her team for making this a centerpiece experience of our reunion

Sideline Pop-up Sessions and Happy Hour



Friday Dinner

Special thanks to Sean McGrath for these photos

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