Peter Abrahams

In Steven King’s words, Peter Abrahams is “my favorite American suspense novelist.” He’s also known as Spencer Quinn when he adds a new title to his Chet and Bernie Mystery series. His most recent book is The Right Side, published in 2017, also a Spencer Quinn book. He has over 36 titles to his credit.

See below for cover shots of Oblivion and The Fan, both published under his own name, and easily findable online. Oblivion was reviewed by Joyce Carol Oates in the New Yorker, where she labeled the book “a new thriller from an unheralded master of suspense.”

The Fan was made into a 1996 movie, starring Robert De Niro, and directed by the late Tony Scott. Something to do with a team called the Sox, from a major American city, not Chicago. You can read about the movie version here.

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