50th Reunion: images and reflections by John Stickney

Editor’s note: Thank you, John Stickney, for capturing the essence of our 50th. And for your many other contributions to this site.

It was intense and seemed to be over in a flash. Even though it lasted three and half days. A succession of singular moments that will persist in memory but will never be repeated.

Mini-reunions inside the big reunion: the Cap and Bells crowd got together, Sage B The Grossery manifested their presence, former residents of the (former) Fort got together as a group, Gurgle re-emerged as G50 with colorful garb and a striking manifesto, the Williams F crowd reunited for a group photo.

For those returning to the campus for the first time since 1968, it was an even more intense experience.

For those engaged in the 5-year planning cycle for the reunion, the sensation that there is no more anticipation; it’s over. Joining the (what?) old guard.

Along with the joy of reuniting with each other and reigniting past friendships, a certain poignance, almost wistfulness could be sensed. Familiar faces seen at a distance that one wanted to speak to seemed to vanish in the crowd before one could approach.

Aftershocks: the Seattle crowd has already held 2 mini-reunions since we left Williamstown. Is there a 5.1 in the works for the Pacific Northwest?

Above all, the realization that we are all very very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time with exactly the right people.

While the bloom is still on this rose, here are just some of the photos and reflections we received in response to our requests, with more coming. There is still time and space to add your own. Just click here to get started.

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