Virtual Ephs: Lifelong learning opportunities for Williams alumni

As if you could ever forget the experience of sitting on one end of the log, Williams has inaugurated a series of online lectures designed to showcase faculty talent while engaging graduates, enticing them to continue to learn. True to style, it’s a mixed bag, drawing one moment on the sciences, the other on the humanities.

To save you the trouble of trekking back to the Purple Valley, all these talks and lectures are given online, via Zoom.

That should allow you to attend in whatever garb you choose and has the added advantage of you not being observed if you need to absent yourself momentarily for say a cup of coffee or one of traditional refreshment.

A perfect COVID-19 experience.

We inquired about what happens if you cut class. In case you’re worried, don’t be. It turns out no one will ever know… However right now, you do have to be there to catch the action live. We were told, however,  that in the coming year, we should be able to gain access to previous lectures at our leisure.

There’s only one lecture left this year, described below, and there’s still time to sign up

We will publish the schedule for the 2021 series as it becomes available.

There’s a lot more about to learn about the Virtual Eph initiative, including a book club for Ephs, info about the Bicentennial Initiative, and a calendar of events, and a list of featured events. You can find that here.

The final Virtual Eph lecture for 2020:

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