Dateline Nov 9, 2019: Amherst goes down hard on Lamb-Farley Field

31-9! It all started with a pass interception by senior Ben Anthony minutes into the game. At the televised broadcast in Seattle, groans emerged from the throats of the 4 or 5 Amherst grads who were starting to feel a bit out of place in the midst of a majority Eph audience. Payback for last year’s 45-14 trouncing, and a return to the sweet feeling of 2017’s 31-24 result, without the drama of that game, which marked the 50th anniversary of the 1967 triumph and release from purgatory we witnessed. A text message sent to an Amherst friend watching in Palo Alto congratulating the Mammoths on (finally) scoring a field goal brought the response that no one there was really watching any more. ¬†Anyway.

Congratulations to Bobby Maimaran and team for their stellar execution. Here’s the full report.


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