November 18, 1967: Williams 14, Amherst 10

Here’s Jeffrey Brinn’s recollection, with focus on Jack Maitland (see accompanying short video)
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It was seasonable weather – overcast, but dry and not particularly cold. In those days, for some reason, Williams sat on the west side of Weston Field, which was generally colder than the east side, which had the benefit of the sun. (This has long since been reversed). I was sitting near mid-field about one-half way up in the stands. Myra, my wife to be, was with me and some other class or housemates – I can’t recall who. It was a low scoring game – I think we got the first score – a touchdown and the conversion was good, kicked by our outstanding place-kicker, Mark Vinick ‘69. Amherst answered with a touchdown and conversion and a field goal – I don’t remember which came first. The score continued at 10-7 well into the fourth quarter. The class of ‘68 lost to Amherst each of the three prior years, including a 42 – 8 drubbing on Weston Field, when we were sophomores. This was our last chance. I remembered it as a punt return, but the you-tube video clearly shows that it was a half-back sweep to the left, with Jack Maitland ‘70, wearing number 40, (which I clearly remember) running through and around Lord Jeff (mascot name since changed to something equally dumb or dumber) defenders on his way into the north end-zone. As we were sitting on the west side of the field, we had a perfect view of the side-line run, maybe fifty yards or so. Vinick converted and the game ended shortly thereafter with the Ephmen on top by a score of 14-10. At the final whistle, we all ran out on the field in celebration of our glorious victory.

We could be 0 and 7 before the game, but if we beat the book-thieves, the season was a success. Conversely, a record of 7 and 1 – if the 1 was Amherst, the season was a disappointment.

Post-script: Jackie went on to star for us his last two years and was drafted by the Baltimore Colts of the NFL in May 1970. In the January 1971 Super Bowl, the Colts defeated the Cowboys, if memory serves by a score of 16-13, with Joe Namath correctly predicting the margin of victory as a field goal.

In addition to winning a Super-Bowl ring, Jackie made a solo tackle on the opening kick-off. This Super Bowl is the only one in the fifty-one that have been played where the Game MVP was on the losing team, line-backer Chuck Howley.

When I completed my Williams six-year plan and graduated with the Class of 1970, Jack was one of the two marshals of the class and got to wear a really cool purple renaissance hat.

Jack’s three-year varsity career included many rushing records, since broken, but on November 18, 1967, he was the conquering hero!

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  1. Well, I mis-remembered quite a few details, previously not having listened to Mrs. Maitland’s audio on the you-tube video, but I got the essentials correct. It was the fourth quarter with Williams trailing by three when Jackie caught a swing-pass to the left and took it all the way down the west side-line into the north end-zone for the final score and winning touchdown. I am sure all of the subsequent narrative about Jack was correct. I hope to see him tomorrow to reminisce.

  2. During the ’67 Williams Amherst game, Jack Maitland was extraordinary. Proceeding Jack’s heroic late touchdown run with only minutes left in the fourth quarter our offense faced 4th down and long deep on our side of the field. Coach Navarro then made an incredible and very uncharacteristic play call. Our tallest player on the field (Sandy Smith) as the punter was to fake the punt and throw a pass to our shortest player (Randy Dygert). They both made “clutch” plays with Randy making a tough catch and then deftly dodged several Amherst defenders for the first down. It critically turned the momentum. There was also heroic play after Jack’s late TD. With time still left on the clock, our superb defense led by Brooks Bragdon and others stopped a desperate Amherst offense.It was a great game by a Williams team stopping a 10 year Amherst win streak and allowing Williams to finish with an undefeated season.

    Bill Drummond ’68

  3. Edit to my comments: The 67′ Amherst game saving defense was led by the excellent linebacker, Ross Wilson.

    Bill Drummond

  4. Edit to Cruiser’s edit:
    Our excellent linebacker (and wrestler, if memory serves) Ross Wilson, was also affectionately known to all who
    him as Ross “Anvil Brain” Wilson.

  5. Jeff and Mrs. Maitland, whoever posted the video of the biggest little game in college football, thank you. This was really a treat to see at the end of a sightseeing day with family in Paris. Adding in the email my cocaptain Bill Drummond sent me made this a threefer day. My daughter took a little joy out of it by referencing something about the middle ages 😉 Bill Drummond would never toot his own horn but he was a talent level above most of us and as a tight end was a force to be reckoned with by the Lord Jeff’s in a very tight game. No opponent was going to have an easy day with him. Lowell Davis led the defensive backs making it a long day for the Amherst receivers. I forget who the Amherst QB was. Jack Maitland, incredibly talented and a Gale Sayers type running tailback, always humble and a terrific guy, was the photo star of the game as the video shows. Our own Charlie Bradbury, QB for the Ephs, was on the starting end of the winning touchdown andq led us to an undefeated season. I have great admiration for Charlie who was a Division 1 football recruit, e.g., U. Nebraska, out of Woodberry Forest who discovered him as a high school phenom in Shelbyville, KY. Lucky for all of us Charlie had the patience to hang in there until his senior year before he started as the Williams QB. (Hard to believe!). Like others in our class he went on to a great medical career, in his case in Louisville. Beating Amherst senior year was a moment i have savored all my life and it certainly has been an advantage whenever i get into a repartee with an Amherst colleague or acquaintance around Novembertime. Cheers to all my ’68 teamates; looking forward to celebrating with you at our 50th. Denny

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