I dreamt of Pancho Demakis last night

This may be weird but it is true.
In this dream I walked into Lasell gym alone – at my current age, picked up a basketball and stood at the foul line knowing I had not shot a basketball in years. With all my strength I launched it, the ball bounced around for an eternity and fell through the rim. At this very moment Pancho – looking his 1968 age – walked out of Coach Al’s office, greeted me warmly and congratulated me.
Panche – Thanks for “being there” and hope you are well.

One thought on “I dreamt of Pancho Demakis last night

  1. You should know Bill, that there is a field called Dream Therapy, where all elements of one’s dream are discussed and analyzed… One principle theorem is that all persons ( and in fact, all objects) in one’s dreams represent some portion of oneself. Food for thought…

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