Williams ’68 in Oxford June 19-26 2017

For thirty years, Williams has organized lectures, tours, food, and fellowship for 50th reunion classes, scheduled one year before The Big Five-O. In past years, the maximum number who could attend, including spouses, was 50 people. This year, our ’68 class leaders corralled and cajoled Williams leaders into stretching the max to at least 70 people because, well, our class is always gung-ho to go-go. With the final count a record 73 classmates and spouses, unfortunately there was still a waiting list.

Whether you were able to attend, or need to add magical Oxford to your bucket list, it’s almost certain that you’ll enjoy reading the impressions collected here, provided by the wives of classmates who made the journey. And with that, a special plea to all Williams ‘68 significant others: cajole your husbands into enjoying—with you—our class’s 50th Reunion in Williamstown, June 7-10, 2018. Want proof that you’ll have a great time with great peers?

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