That’s Park Street, not the Freshman Quad, not Park Avenue

Editor’s note: Lowell Davis, part of the gang pictured above, recently submitted this recollection. This was a first. Our class outgrew the Freshman Quad and then some.


In the summer of 1964, nine freshmen (including me) were told that due to an overabundance of freshmen we would be living in a renovated home just outside the freshman quad. We lived in the home occupied by Jack Savacool who was a French professor at Williams. We also had two JA’s live with us. For an entire year we lived as though we had our own frat house on campus. I am hoping that during reunion weekend, we can duplicate the photo which shows the “Park Hall” group sitting on the front porch. (including Ben Harvey’s date from Skidmore).  If my memory serves me correctly, the 9 in the photo are: Tom Pierce, Lowell Davis, Ben Harvey, Dwight Schenk, Ted Ragsdale, Scott Anderson, Bob Wilson, Dick Browne, and Mike Lavyne.



  • That picture was snapped a few days after arrival in our new home. (Short sleeve weather in Williamstown has historically been that brief respite before the temps would drop out a few weeks later.) We were all feeling grown up but some of us,including yours truly,didn’t understand how to misbehave as such and chose to pose with empty bottles of booze as a signature of our worldliness.
    Five of nine pictured here finished college and became doctors-four surgeons and one medical man .
    Would we have chosen that career path if we were kids today?

  • Adding to the 9 in the Park Hall Gang photo were 3 other classmates who were likely studying in the library at the time. It is likely that this studious trio also found themselves in the medical field: Mark Donovan, Mike Mustille, and Mike Yogman. The complete photo of the Park Hall Gang of 12 can be found in the 1965 yearbook. Included in that photo are JA’s, Ray Carey and Mike Engle.

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