From Bob Heiss: is this where the Old Guard line starts?
Heiss, McFadden, Demakis, Herzog, Weiss, Cambouris Freshman entry reunion– Was that Williams F? supplied by both Bob Heiss and Andy Weiss
from Mark DeCamp
Bob Snyder: psychedelic interlopers

From Mike Yogman
Wall Ball up from a slightly different perspective
Wall Ball up close and personal
The renaissance of Wall Ball at Spencer. Athletes: Jeff Palmer, Ed Weeks, Mike Yogman

From Guy Horsley
Guy and Marion Horsley
Steve and Nicki Mason
Addison and Susan Wilson

From Lloyd Thomas
Williams E third floor, where it all started
Freshman Quad–site of Thursday Night Reunion Dinner–and where we all started over 50 years ago
Lloyd summits Stone Hill, 1119 feet.

From John Stickney
Bruce Simon, Geoff Connor, John Stickney
John Hyde and Oppy
In the stands
Ted McMahon and Rosanne Olsen perform
Stop that decade
Graffagnino, Connor, Caskey, and the Monster
Top of the Morning

From Lowell Davis
Tom Pierce, Lu Ann Dillon, Paul Neely, Susan Street
Tad Piper, John Hyde, John Oppenheimer
Ed Nichols, Cynthia Wood, Ned Perry
Tom Pierce, Lu Ann Dillon, Elizabeth and Lloyd Thomas
True love forever — Elvis and Dolly

From Frank Reed
Allen Swan, Bob and Elspeth Chambers
Geoff Connor, Joyce and John Schmitz
On the march
Garrett Thornburg, Sharon Reed, Cynthia Yorkin
Marion (Allen) Swan
Garrett Thornburg and Cynthia Yorkin
Fellow travelers: Christopher and Binks Potter (sons of Earl Potter) and offspring
Bob Chambers and a bevvy of beauties
“Never was piping so gay…” W. B. Yeats
Allen Swan and Bob Lord
Linda Aglio and Denny Kelly
MG parade, leading in the Old Guard
Elspeth (Bob) Chambers and Sharon (Frank) Reed
Sharon and Frank Reed