Final Schedule — 55th Reunion

We’ve blended our ’68 schedule with the official college wide reunion schedule so you can access all the information from one place. In addition, we use italics in our schedule to indicate events from the main schedule that are of special interest to us.

Click the Entire College program link to open an expanded view of College wide events for that day. Clicking the Back to ’68 Schedule link returns you to our own sequence of events.

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Trivia teaser

There will be trivia! Paraphrasing filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, there will be trivia, a lot more, focused on music of our era, at our 55th. Steinberg and Heiss in charge. In the meantime, consider this a warmup exercise, with focus largely on the later Sixties and beyond.

Start your engines…

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In Their Own Write, volume 2 (2023)

The In Their Own Write panel showcases a sampling of our pilgrims, poets, prophets, playwrights and, oh yes, cartoonists.

Including a special performance by Rosanne Olson and Ted McMahon of “Four Strong Winds,” in commemoration of Ian and Sylvia’s epic Fall 1965 performance.

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Center for Development Economics – Past and Present

The Class of 1968 has new digs for its June 2023 55th Reunion: the Center for Development Economics.

That’s great for us; we’re much closer now to the center of the action (Tyler would have been a bit of a hike).

Learn more about the Center and its intriguing and somewhat mysterious history…

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People, places, and things that went before: David Marcello on his native New Orleans

The final Zoom 68 session on March 27, 2023 featured captivating presentations by two ’68 New Orleans natives, David Marcello and John Kinabrew.

In part one, David Marcello ’68 talks about the past and present of the Crescent City on our YouTube Channel. He’s introduced by Arthur Cambouris ’68. Watch for occasional appearances by other 68ers in attendance.

Posted on the Williams Class of 1968 YouTube Channel. You can check out his PowerPoint slides as well.

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