The Insider’s New Orleans (Monday, March 27 2023)

The Insider’s New Orleans: Monday March 27 2023

5pm Eastern, 4 Central, 3 Mountain, 2 Pacific

New Orleans Street Scene (Tod Hamachek)

David Marcello and John Kinabrew will share their perspectives on New Orleans, giving us a view of the city through the eyes of two locals in a ZOOMcast at 5:00 pm Eastern time on Monday, March 27.

David will describe how “people and things that went before” impart special meaning to his memories of notable city sites, from the simple joys of consuming a Central Grocery Muffuletta on the levee, while watching the Mississippi flowing past the French Quarter, to the complex politics of a preservation clash that decided the fate of this same riverfront real estate in “The Second Battle of New Orleans.”

John plans to discuss continuing connections between Williams and his hometown, including how two recent alums took very different paths to Williams and are now in important positions of leadership in the community. He will also discuss his work at the Pontchartrain Conservancy and its efforts to ameliorate the effects of climate change on New Orleans.

Both David and John hope to avoid a standard “travelogue” presentation of New Orleans in favor of something more personal to each of them. We hope you’ll join us for what promises to be an interesting encounter with the Crescent City as seen by two classmates who have lived there since we all graduated so many years ago!

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