Rupert of Baxter Hall

The College already had its mascot, the Purple Cow, but as freshmen coming and going regularly through Baxter Hall, Rupert was ours.  Rupert, you may recall, was the superannuated Saint Bernard, drooling and droopy faced, we saw every day and sometimes petted.  Easy-going and convivial, Rupert wore the traditional brown and white coat of his breed.   (Not surprisingly, some of us also saw Rupert finding and consuming uneaten food on plates and on the floor of the snack bar.)

Who was Rupert’s master? How did he get there?  Williams was (and presumably still is) known as a dog-friendly place, but Rupert was both legendary and enigmatic in our time.

Rupert at some point must have spent time in Baxter and developed a strong bond with the student scene there.  The story goes that Rupert’s master recognized that this situation could not only turn into doggy day care but also provide a psychological boon to student (and especially freshman) life at the College.  A proverbial win-win. So he drove the dog to and from Baxter some/most/all weekdays.

Can anyone out there provide further info?