Photo Finish

In a matter of days, our 50th Reunion will take place. The photo collection we've created here may help you get reacquainted with our history in some pretty amazing times. It was the 60s and we were there. 

We've divided the collection into four parts.

Faces shows us at our very best, both then and now. And those who guided us through four years at Williams and in many cases beyond.

Places brings back many different views of Williams: the campus as we knew it from 1964-68, from way before (Chapin Hall under construction in 1901), and the New Williams reunion attendees will see at the reunion.

Celebrations and Events mingles social life with major campus events of our time at Williams.

The Sporting Life evokes memories on the playing fields, rinks, pools, and courts. We did finally defeat the Amherst football team, after all.


Arthur Cambouris, circa 2017


Joe Dewey's Bookstore as we knew it

Celebrations and Events

Baby Huey

The Sporting Life

So it's ok if I skip final exams this year, right?

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