Which of the following would you take home today and why?

Golden Retriever
Siamese Cat
Komodo Dragon

28 thoughts on “Pets R Us

  1. My real favorite: Fur Real Walksalot: stuffed animals that walk and make sounds. No clean up. No feeding — just batteries.

  2. this is a reply to my own comment. Is this the right screen after I post a comment? And if so, it should remember my name here too.

  3. Having luckily been to Komodo Island, I am also luckily now home. Nasty, hissing monsters. We saw the game warden feed a goat carcass to about a dozen of them. Chaotic and hideous to watch. A frenzy of snapping jaws. I know this is just a test comment, but I had to rave on briefly. Great to have this comment notification system on the site now. Bravo, Alexander!

  4. Hard to decide between #’s 1 through 3, but no need for the Komodo Dragon. We already have a nasty, hissing monster next door. Fits Chambers’ description to a tee. Makes guest appearances on Fox News.

  5. Hmmm. I hear armadillos can carry leprosy. The dragon would clearly be less dangerous. Also, I made Alexander’s requested changes to the comment system, so testing them out.

  6. Yes, Sandy – keeping this Williams ’68 web site alive & vital is a good service!
    Hamsters & guinea pigs are OK. We have a golden doodle from puppy on (now 18 months) & enjoy her immensely. When I was a kid a favorite living “pet” was my red rat snake.

    1. Great to hear from you, Bob. Thanks for sharing, especially about your snake. Warm and friendly they are…

    1. I wanna go home with the armadillo
      Good country music from Amarillo
      And Abilene
      The friendliest people and the prettiest women you ever seen.

      Gary P. Nunn

      On Viva Terlingua… I still have that record.

  7. I’m going to vote for a box full of weasels. What could possibly go wrong? Also, testing the new formatting on pending comments.

    1. There *is* a Kate Krolicki who is a Harvard grad (class of 2020!), but she’s my niece. I went to a much better school – Williams 😉

    1. I had you figured for a dog person, after learning that you started counting dogs with masks on your daily walks. Or was that Diane?

      Thanks for helping out, Rob. Appreciate it (testing our new comments notifications system).

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