Homecoming loyalty: Larry Pilcher and John Dirlam

Above and beyond the call of duty

John Dirlam and Larry Pilcher have faithfully attended every homecoming football game since our graduation, except when they were on active duty in Vietnam. This was not a plan hatched while they were still in college but an impromptu mini-reunion they decided upon afterwards.

11/11/1995: The Mudbowl. Williams’ Jamal Pollock #33 in action vs Amherst’s Peter McConville #2

The most exciting game they have seen together was in 1997 against Amherst. We were losing with one minute left to play, after see-saw scoring throughout. The Eph squad received possession deep in our own territory late in the game, but managed to march the ball down the field. Just as time ran out, Randy Vataha kicked the winning field goal.
Of course, some games were played in favorable conditions, while at others John and Larry braved snow or rain. No matter. They remember that the game with the worst playing conditions was the so-called “mud bowl” in 1995; it ended in a 0-0 tie. As Larry recalls, “There had been heavy rain and the game was played on an extremely muddy grass field. Williams had opportunities to try short field goal but I guess he coach felt the kicker couldn’t get sufficient traction.” Not long after that, Williams put in a turf playing surface.

Hopefully they won’t be the only ones from our class in the stands to cheer on the team against Amherst on November 11, 2017.

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