Guiding career choices at Williams

Support for networking and career guidance has evolved significantly since our days at Williams. While our 50th Reunion gift will help extend even further the reach and capability of career building efforts, we recognize that there is plenty still to do, not all of which requires a financial contribution. Several of the initiatives described below demonstrate the simple power of lending a hand.

The content presented here owes a large debt to Wendy Webster Coakley '85, Director of Alumni Career Networking, who continues to be a prime mover and innovator. The Williams LinkedIn page shown below and the successful Eph Connect series (offering virtual networking connectivity for Williams alumni) are her initiatives.

Here are some of the resources Williams students and alumni now have at their disposal:

Williams LinkedIn page

Click on the image below to explore the presence of Willams on Linkedin. It's powerful.

Link to Williams College LinkedIn page

Link to Williams College LinkedIn page

Alumni Sponsored Internship Program

It's happening. Wiliams students are finding internships with alumni through this program. Check it out by clicking on the image.

2015-04-27 22_35_07-Alumni Sponsored Internship Program _ Career Center


Online job search? Winter Study internships? Job seeking guidelines? All here…

Click on the image to learn more

2015-04-27 22_36_05-Jobs & Internships _ Career Center

Jobs and Internships

Entrepreneurship at Williams

None of this in our day. Click on the image to learn about enterpreneurship at Williams 


Especially worth seeing: the video of the 2014 Entrepalooza. Click here to see it

The Williams Network today

Williams Network

Williams Network at work [2014]

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