Giving back to Williams

Why do I want to give back to Williams?

The answer for each of us is different. As we approach our 50th Reunion, it’s a good time to rewind the tape of our lives and ask, “What did Williams give to me?”

Critical thinking skills?

Half a century of friendships with classmates? 

Memories of one or two extraordinary professors?

A network of alumni who helped me become successful?

The positive impact Williams is having on the future?

A foundation for the rest of my life?

What do I need to know about giving back to Williams?

When you’re ready to consider your 50th Reunion gift, this page and its links will give you clear and helpful information about our 50th Reunion Fund, about planning your gift, about making your gift, and about how your gift will count.


What Williams priorities will The Class of 1968 50th Reunion Fund support?

As each class approaches its 50th Reunion, the class officers and Reunion Fund Committee work closely with Williams administrators to determine which high-priority purposes the class will choose to support. The Class of 1968 Reunion Fund will be focused on these two goals:

1. Increasing The Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund

Our goal is to contribute significantly to Williams financial aid by dedicating at least $3,500,000 to increase The Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund. This endowment fund, established through our 25th Reunion Fund, would grow from approximately $1,500,000 to a total of at least $5,000,000. The increased funds would enable our class to begin granting a full scholarship to at least four students each year, with the opportunity for growth through time. Click here to learn more.

2. Transforming the Williams College Career Center
Our goal is to dedicate at least $10,000,000 toward increasing the quality of counseling and programs designed to build a stronger bridge between classroom and a career or graduate school. The Career Center will also provide a new level of excellence in professional development for Williams alums who are entering a new phase of their work life. Click here to learn more.


I’m planning my 50th Reunion Fund gift to Williams. What do I need to know?

Whether you’re thinking about making a new outright gift or a new planned gift to Williams, click here to review simple definitions and examples, and for resource people to contact when you have questions. Many classmates at different giving levels have found it helpful to talk with the professionals at the Williams Office of Gift Planning.


I’m ready to make my 50th Reunion Fund gift to Williams. What do I need to do?

When you’re ready to make your gift to Williams, click here for guidelines and for resource people to contact when you have questions. The professionals in the Williams 50th Reunion Program and in the Office of Gift Planning can answer your questions.


How will my past gifts and my future pledges count?

Click here to learn how your new 50th Reunion Fund Giftplus
all your gifts to Williams for any purpose made during the ten-year period beginning after our 40th Reunion and ending before our 50th Reunion, plus
your pledges for up to five years beyond our 50th Reunion…
will all count toward your own 50th Reunion gift and toward our total 1968 Class Gift.