Transforming the Williams College Career Center

One of our 50th Reunion Fund purposes: The Williams College Career Center

Our goal is for the Class of 1968 to dedicate at least $10,000,000 of our 50th Reunion Fund toward increasing the quality of counseling and programs designed to build a stronger bridge between classroom and  career. Our classmates’ outright gifts, pledges, and deferred giving commitments which are dedicated to the Career Center and made before our 50th Reunion will count toward our ambitious financial goal.

The Career Center provides guidance for students who want to attend graduate schools, and provides professional development for Williams alums entering a new phase of their work life.

Williams prepares its graduates for success in many fields by educating its students thoughtfully and thoroughly in the liberal arts. However, the College has been less successful in equipping all its students with the knowledge and skills they’ll need beyond Williams.

The Class of 1968 recognizes, as does Williams, the increasing importance of a vital Career Center. After extensive meetings with President Falk and Williams administration leaders, our Reunion Fund Committee members are enthusiastic about dedicating part the Class of 1968 50th Reunion Fund gift toward revitalization of the Career Center.

The strengthened Career Center will provide students with tools to help identify one or more future paths that match their interests and talents. Doing a better job of connecting classroom, careers, and graduate schools will ensure that today’s Ephs will graduate with an informed perspective on smart choices and effective searches.

The Class of 1968 seeks to increase the excellence of counseling and programs offered by the Center, and to enhance the power of the Alumni Network through expanded initiatives. The Class of 1968 vision for a strengthened Career Center includes:

  • Providing self-assessment tools to equip students with the self-awareness and skills that will allow them to pursue their passions
  • Creating workshops for writing effective resumes and application letters, and for exploring strategies for seeking jobs and graduate school acceptance.
  • Practicing interview approaches for jobs and for graduate school
  • Increasing the number and college funding of paid summer internships, along with personalized job search and placement assistance
  • Encouraging increased alumni networking and mentoring that would include panels, workshops, and Winter Study courses taught by alumni
  • Expanding financial aid packages to support Winter Study internships.

The Class of 1968 intends to try to ensure that strengthened Career Center programs will benefit all Williams students and graduates, regardless of their path after college. Career Center initiatives will sharpen the Williams edge, providing a critical advantage in today’s highly competitive worlds of work and higher education. The rejuvenated Center will raise the value of a Williams education, as perceived by prospective students and their families.

Each classmate can choose to designate his 50th Reunion Fund gift to Transforming the Williams College Career Center and/or to Increasing The Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund. He also may choose to make a gift to the 50th Reunion Fund that is undesignated.