Several classmates have submitted material about their time at Williams, sometimes of a more personal nature. We’re adding this page to list links to those contributions; please fell free to browse and click, and leave comments.  If there’s something you’d like to share, please let us know by using the form found here.


New–Father Knows Best

New–Freshman Week 1964

New–Going Greek

New–Please, Mister Postman, Look and See….

Getting there: Lloyd Thomas’s great cross country run in a Triumph TR3 to start freshman year.

The Green River

The Silk Road Incident: recollections by Willie Williams

God Save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! — Commencement 1968

The Class of 1850 attends the first documented 50th reunion at Williams

Brooks House on Fraternity Row: mystery solved?

Snow surfing — invented here!

Bon appétit

“Snuggled in the Warm Cleavage of the Peaceful Purple Valley”

Check It Out

A Night to Forget

Did We Attend College on the Mohawk Trail?