Increasing The Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund

One of our 50th Reunion Fund purposes: The Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund

Williams uses its financial resources to level the playing field for all prospective students. Attracting the academically strongest students, regardless of their ability to pay, is essential to the vibrancy of our campus culture. Williams believes that admitting students from every part of society based on who they might become become rather than on what they can afford to pay is critical to developing individuals who, together, can take on tomorrow’s challenges.

Our goal is to contribute to Williams financial aid by dedicating at least $3,500,000 to increase the Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund. This endowment fund, established through our 25th Reunion Fund, would grow to at least $5,000,000 from its current value of approximately $1,500,000. The increased funds would enable our class to begin granting a full scholarship to at least four students each year, with the opportunity for future growth through time.

Our classmates’ outright gifts, pledges, and deferred giving commitments which are dedicated to the Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund and made before our 50th Reunion will count toward our ambitious financial goal.

Today, half of the Williams student body receives financial aid. The average grant is now nearly $45,000 per year. All required books and course materials are free for every student receiving financial aid.

The commitment to need-blind financial aid costs as much as $50 million in foregone Williams tuition revenue each year. About 37 percent of that ($18 million) is covered by endowment, built on the generosity of generations of alumni, parents, and friends. The more financial aid can be funded through increased endowment, the less it must compete for dollars with immediate operational and academic program needs.

Supporting one financial aid student requires, on average, an endowment of approximately $1,000,000. The costs of delivering a Williams education, combined with the College’s unprecedented need-seeking efforts to attract high-achieving, lower income students from around the world, ensures that the need for financial aid will continue to grow. Future financial aid projections include students from middle-class families as well as students from families in the lowest income brackets.

Each classmate can choose to designate his 50th Reunion Fund gift to Increasing The Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund and/or to Transforming the Williams College Career Center. He also may choose to make a gift to the 50th Reunion Fund that is undesignated.